FuryBand is an ASCII RPG based off of the Fury-Engine. There are more than a thousand monsters, dozens of character races, and hundreds of weapons. Try to play through a LOTR based campaign in FuryBand, or try the classical angband dungeon in FuryBand T. If you want a real challenge, see how far you can get in FuryBand G, where all the monsters are twice your level, so the better you do, the stronger they get.

In addition to those game modes, there are several mods that can be downloaded, completely adjusting gameplay. Plus, all the mods for ToME 2.*.* work with FuryBand as well.

You can put your character dumps for FuryBand/FuryMod up on http://angband.oook.cz under the ladder section

Current Status

FuryBand 5.0/Gold has just been released. You can download it below.

Documents for FuryBand

FuryBand Modding Guide
FuryBand Monster Maker - Generates monsters for you

If you have any other questions about making mods for FuryBand, or building your game off the Fury-Engine, ask in the forum, and we will help you with your questions.


Gamespy Review of FuryBand


Report bugs in FuryBand here


FuryBand Gold/5.0 is currently available for download

Get it from CNET Download.com!

You can download the source code and older versions of FuryBand here.


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Download Other Mods Here

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