Rosewill RNG-407-Dualv2 Thoughts

A few weeks ago, I picked up a Rosewill RNG-407-Dualv2 for my home server. It’s a dual gigabit NIC, that Amazon had for less than $40. Thanks to Hyper-V and an Ubiquiti managed switch, I was able to quickly set up port channel, which gave me some extra speed on network operation, as well as separating my VI network traffic from my management traffic.

Since they were so affordable, I decided to pick one up for my desktop as well. My desktop runs Windows 10 Pro, with Hyper-V. I figured I’d set it up the opposite way from server, with the desktop getting the port channel 2 gbps connection, and my VM’s getting my existing onboard 1 gbps connection. Little did I know that this was going to be a bit more of a hassle.

As any decent IT guy would do, I tossed aside the provided driver CD, and jumped online to grab the latest drivers. And then the fun started.

Rosewill’s drivers installed as expected and I suddenly had two LAN interfaces as expected. However, Microsoft does not support teaming in Windows 10 natively. That was probably something I should have investigated before buying this, but what’s a home tech project that doesn’t have a few surprises?

I did some checking on Rosewill’s site, however, it was sparse on details and instructions. There was a diagnostic driver that had a folder called teaming, however attempting to install it was blocked by Windows due to incompatibilities.

At this point, I was starting to get concerned, so I decided to check with the chipset manufacturer and see what generic drivers they had. Fortunately, the network chip is a Realtek product, so they had several driver options on their website.

I download the latest Windows 10 drivers, and install. They are more recent than the Rosewill ones, so I had high initial hopes for them. Alas, there was still no way to configure teaming from the driver side.

Realtek had a diagnostic driver, so I attempted an install of that. Everything seemed great. Network cards showed up in network devices with Realtek Teaming driver, and no alerts anywhere. So, I fire up the Realtek Diagnostic Tool, and it fails with a protocol error. I do some Googling, and turn up an old driver on AsRock’s site of all places that claims teaming abilities.

Deciding that I have nothing left to lose, I download and install the driver pack. I try to load the teaming utility, and it comes right up. I am then able to set up network teaming through the rather archaic looking utility. After a quick port channel config on the switch, I’m able to get connected.

As a test, I start copying some large files to two separate systems to maximize speed. Right away, I hit 1.5gbps, which is exactly what I want to see.

For now, I’m satisfied, however, I suspect I’ll be trying the Realtek Diagnostic drivers again, since I’m not sure why those wouldn’t work, but an older AsRock driver for Realtek would.

3 thoughts on “Rosewill RNG-407-Dualv2 Thoughts”

  1. Any chance that you could provide links to the files that you downloaded that work? Apparently my google-fu isn’t up to snuff, because I’m not finding anything on asrock site that “claims teaming ability”.

    I’ve got 2 Intrel Pro1000 gig-E NICs that I’ve been using for years and years with nic teaming, and Intel is not providing support for those cards in Win10. Purchased these Rosewill RNG-407s because somewhere in the middle of a 38-page thread on Intel’s support site someone said they got these specific models to work with link aggregation/teaming in Win10.

    Appreciate any links you can provide!

  2. Hi,

    You can try the diagnostic program for Windows 10 on Realtek’s site:

    But, somehow, it only worked for me if I installed the above, followed by the Win7x64 drivers here:

    Running the diagnostic tool let me bond them then.

    Without the Win7 program, I’d get protocol errors.

    Let me know if that works for you.

  3. Well, Creator’s Update seems to have broken this. I’ll need to do some more investigation to make this work again.

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